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What do I need to apply for an account?

You’ll need a U.S. company with a federal EIN, your company’s official formation documents, and a picture of your government ID (e.g., a passport or US driver’s license).

Applying for an account outside the USA.

Can I apply for an account if I’m not physically in the United States or a United States resident?

Yes, we’re proud to support U.S. companies founded by people across the globe as well as founders and venture capital firms. There are a few exceptions. See here for more.
What companies will you accept as customers?

We can accept most U.S. companies that aren’t money services businesses or involved with adult entertainment, marijuana or internet gambling. Our product is geared towards tech companies, so it might not be the best fit for some other businesses, especially ones that frequently deal with physical cash. We cannot open accounts for trusts.

What is your business model?

Our two main revenue streams come from your debit card or IO credit card, Visa and Mastercard charge a fee to the merchant. OWNB receives a percentage of this fee, known as interchange. Our partner bank also earns a small amount of interest on deposits, and OWNB receives a percentage of this amount.

How do you protect my funds?

Here are some measures we take to ensure your security:

  • Require HTTPS on all pages, and use HSTS to ensure browsers only ever connect to us over a secure connection.
  • Employ a third party to perform penetration testing each year to check for vulnerabilities.
  • Hash and store all passwords with the bcrypt algorithm — never as plaintext.
  • Use time-based one-time passwords for two-factor authentication. We never send authentication codes via insecure channels like SMS.
  • Encrypt our database and all uploaded images, with additional encryption for sensitive data like social security numbers.
  • Never store your debit or credit card numbers.